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The library is commonly known to visitors as the music room.


• Chandelier is dual function - kerosene and electric. When

   electric was added to the house, the ceramic insulators were

   simply put next to the eyebolt at the top of the light.

• Rosettes around chandeliers are original in downstairs and not


• Shutters were used throughout the house, no fabric drapes were


• Woodwork is pine that is feathered to resemble burled walnut

• Floor is a parquet design of walnut & oak, and pine under the rug

• Edison phonograph (Victrola) of 1900 is a portable model

• First National Bank $5.00 bill signed by David A. Glenn,

• President from 1891-1914

• Bible is typical of the time (used for historical family purposes)

• David Glenn's story. Mr. Glenn owned a mercantile and helped

   to establish The First National Bank, of which he was President

   from the founding in 1891 until 1914. When the bank failed he

   was the largest shareholder.

• Use of stenciling on the ceilings and walls.


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Explore the Glenn House virtually. Click below to see more photos of the grand old lady's fascinating details within and dressed up exterior during past holidays and events.

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